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Petrie’s is Synonymous with Quality Topsoils & Special Blends

At Petrie’s Quality Topsoil Ltd., our name speaks for itself. We’re proud to offer quality soils and topsoil to homeowners, contractors and landscapers in the Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Burlington areas. From our signature 50/50 blend to triple mix, black loam and horse manure, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for within our wide selection of soils. Please feel free to contact us today to request an estimate!


Triple Mix – 50% Topsoil, 10% Well-Rotted Horse Manure, 40% Clean,

Organic Compost

  • Most commonly used to rejuvenate tired soil or to create plant/vegetable gardens
  • Highly nutritional, an exceptional growing medium for any application
  • Product is more dense/heavy than black loam or regular screened soil
  • Our triple mix is independently analyzed annually
  • We supply well-respected garden centres and landscapers in the area

Top Dressing Mix – Double-Screened Fine Loam with Compost and

Golf Course Sand

  • Highly recommended for top dressing and over-seeding lawns
  • Double-screened, light soil
  • Black loam is similar to peat moss; it helps retain moisture and helps with the germination of the grass seeds

Black Loam

  • Used as an addition to existing soil to increase water retention
  • Light (similar to peat moss)
  • Used as a top layer on flower beds to give a darker colour
  • Little nutritional value

Horse Manure

  • Well-rotted (minimum of 6 months)
  • High in organic matter
  • Used as an additive to existing flower beds and gardens to increase water retention
  • Good nutritional value and low odour


  • 100% organic compost (50% organic matter – rotted plant material), 40% moisture, 10% inert material (sand/dirt)
  • Used as an additive to existing flower beds and gardens to increase water retention (we recommend mixing (tilling) into existing soil)

50/50 Blend

  • Blend of 50% horse manure and 50% compost
  • Petrie’s creation and original blend


Screened Topsoil

  • Sandy loam base
  • Primarily used for under sod
  • Can be used to build up gardens
  • Nutritional value unknown

Please Note: All soils and composts are screened (shredded) with a ½” screener at Petrie’s.

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